At Global Minnesota, our interns are an important part of our team.

They live the job, learn the ins and outs of our organization, and contribute to our mission. While the work may not always be glamorous, interns have the opportunity to make a real impact in our organization.

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Areas of Focus

Our hands-on program is designed to mentor and develop today’s young global thinkers and involve them in our work through a variety of focus areas:

Internship Details and Timeline

Our unpaid internships are approximately 10 hours per week, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Interns receive a complimentary student membership for one year and can attend Global Minnesota events for free!

Internships are available during the following times.*

Spring Semester – January to May: Priority deadline: December 1

Summer – June to August: Due to current circumstances related to coronavirus, we are not accepting applications for summer internships.

We are no longer accepting internship applications for Fall 2021.
Fall Semester – September to December: Priority deadline: August 15

*Exact start and end date of internships are subject to change based on capacity and organizational needs.