From the 2nd grader to the CEO, Global Minnesota connects individuals, organizations, and communities to the world. Through a unique lineup of programs offered from the Twin Cities to Greater Minnesota, Global Minnesota takes relevant and timely information on international issues, foreign policy, and cultural topics, and provides the space and opportunity for Minnesotans to engage and discuss.

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, we are unparalleled in the ability to deliver programs that allow Minnesotans to connect and participate in the international sphere, and for Minnesota to extend its influence around the globe.

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Our Mission

Global Minnesota’s mission is to advance international understanding and engagement.

Core Values

We are committed to serving Minnesota from a foundation built on the following core values: respect, collaboration, nonpartisanship, global competency, inclusion, and courage.

Programs with Meaning

Our distinct program areas provide rich and varied opportunities to connect with others from around the globe, serve as citizen diplomats, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Making History

The Global Minnesota story began in 1953 as the International Center for Students and Visitors and was guided by the motto “They came as strangers – may they leave as friends.” Founded by Josef Mestenhauser, Gladys Brooks, Bill Rogers, and Forrest Moore, the organization, later named the Minnesota International Center (MIC), was created as a partnership between the community and the University of Minnesota that engaged ‘Citizen Diplomats’ to connect Minnesotans with visiting students and scholars. It was believed that diplomacy was not the exclusive business of only professional diplomats, but that we could extend our civil society to the international sphere.

Since 1953, Global Minnesota has evolved from its direct service roots into a multifaceted nonpartisan organization with a mission to advance international understanding and engagement through globally-focused educational opportunities for people of all ages across the state. In 2018-19, 746 activities, covering 111 countries connected, informed, and engaged more than 22,000 in learning about the world. And we continue to be one of the top World Affairs Councils of America; a proud member of Global Ties U.S., the nonprofit arm of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program; and an affiliate of the Foreign Policy Association.

After nearly 70 years, we continue to evolve and reach new milestones. In March 2016, MIC became Global Minnesota to better reflect who we are, what we do, and this dynamic and culturally-diverse state we serve.

Together – as members, employees, volunteers, and communities – we are Global Minnesota.

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Financial stability and transparency are an important part of our commitment to our members and partners. We work efficiently and effectively to produce high-quality programs and provide necessary financial information.

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