Order 2021 Great Decisions Materials

Instructions: Please calculate the total for your order based on the prices below. Enter the total in the Payment Amount box below, then complete the rest of the form.

1. Item Prices

Briefing Book: $26 each for 1-9 books, $22 each for 10 or more
Television Series (DVD): $40
Teacher’s Guide:$15.60
See pricing chart.

2. Sales tax! Don’t forget to calculate and include 8.025% sales tax.

Tax exempt? You must email a current tax-exempt form ST3 to discussiongroups@globalminnesota.org.

3. Shipping and Handling Fees

1-4 books: $5
5-20 books: $11
21-40 books: $20
41-50 books: $25
For 1 or more DVDs: add $5

Ordering 1 book? Total cost for 1 book, including sales tax, shipping and handling is $33.09. See pricing chart for larger orders.

If you’d prefer to order by mail, please use this order form.

Questions? Please email discussiongroups@globalminnesota.org, or call 612.625.1662.